StarSoft Solutions provides consulting services focused on planning for and implementing high value, high performance Data Warehouse (DW) and Decision Support Systems. StarSoft Solutions is a primary driver in the creation of the Business Dimensional Lifecycle™, an industry accepted building block methodology for data warehouse development. StarSoft Solutions uses it as the basis for all services. With our core services in Enterprise DW Planning, DW Design Reviews, Global DW Project Planning, Business Requirements Definition, Developing the Business Dimensional Model, DW Database Design, Data Access Tool Selection, DW Project Design Reviews and Education, StarSoft Solutions has provided added value and bottom line profits to many organizations across multiple industries. StarSoft Solutions' practical, real world experience is an ideal fit for organizations just starting a data warehousing project or currently involved in one.

Over the past twelve years we have architected and developed over two hundred data warehouses and decision support systems providing enterprise wide solutions. Implemented in over seventy-five clients, these solutions span the following industries: consumer packaged goods, retail, health care, insurance, tele-services, transportation, manufacturing and financial services. These data warehouses have been implemented across a variety of data access tools and relational database platforms including DB2/MVS, OS/400, DB2/PE, Informix, Oracle, Red Brick, Sybase, Tandem and Teradata.

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