The Data Warehouse Workshop

"Exceeded expectations"
"Excellent cross industry knowledge"
"The hands on exercises were great"
"Made complex material clear and easy to understand"
-Student Comments

Course Description
StarSoft Solutions offers a three day training workshop as an introduction to data warehouse and decision support system design, targeted for a general IS audience. This workshop reviews the design of large scale decision support systems from the perspective of a number of related industries, including consumer packaged goods, retail, durable goods manufacturing, health care, banking, insurance and financial services.

The goal of the workshop is to empower the attendees to be able to begin to design their own data warehouse after attending the course. A good design is a simple design, but the designer must expect to work hard to achieve a simple design. This is the underlying philosophy of the class.

Who Should Attend
This course is primarily intended for a technical audience, including application developers, project managers, database administrators and data modelers. The course is invaluable for those responsible for the actual design of the data warehouse. In addition, it is beneficial for the other IS team members to understand fundamental data warehouse concepts even if they are not directly responsible for the design.

Course Outline

Introduction to the Business Dimensional Lifecycle™
Business Rationale for a Data Warehouse
Introduction To The Star Schema
The Database Design Process
Detailed Schema Design
Semi-additive facts
Shared Dimensions
Multiple Fact Tables
Slowly Changing Dimensions
Factless Fact Tables

Team Exercise #1 - Detailed Design
Data Warehouse Architecture
Data Staging Process
Aggregation In Depth
Performance Tuning Approach

Team Exercise 2 - Data Mart Design
The Business Dimensional Model™
Variations of Star Schemas
Data Access Tool Architectures
Characteristics of Data Warehouse Access
An Introduction to Data Mining
Open Forum For Discussion

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