Developing the Business Dimensional Model

Course Description
StarSoft Solutions offers a three-day hands-on workshop that focuses on dimensional modeling techniques required for data warehousing solutions. Successful data warehouse designs focus on end-user business requirements. Traditionally, it has been challenging for organizations to develop dimensional models that consistently meet the busines needs. StarSoft Solutions has developed a technique called the Business Dimensional Model™ that keeps the end-users involved in the dimensional modeling process. This hands-on workshop will focus on the design techniques used in the development of the Business Dimensional Model™ and the process to translate the Business Dimensional Model™ into logical and physical table structures. In addition, the workshop will touch on other key components of the Business Dimensional Lifecycle™. The primary goal of this workshop is to provide practical, hands-on dimensional modeling fundamentals that you can implement in your own organization.

Who Should Attend
While this course is primarily intended for a technical audience, it is also appropriate for business people who are actively involved in a data warehouse project. The course is highly recommended for all members of the project team including the project manager, data modelers, database administrators, business systems analysts and application developers.

Course Outline

Introduction to the Business Dimensional Lifecycle™
Why a Data Warehouse?
Getting started on the right foot
Gathering Business Requirements
Introduction to the Dimensional Modeling Concepts
The Star Schema
The Business Dimensional Model™
Translating the Business Dimensional Model™ into Logical Tables
Detailed Design Principles:
1. Multiple Hierarchies
2. Conformed Dimensions
3. Multiple Fact Groups
Exercise: Drafting the Business Dimensional Model™

More Detailed Design Principles:
1. Slowly Changing Dimensions
2. Resolving Complex Relationships
3. Special Types of Facts
The Data Mart Matrix
Derived Facts
Variations of a Star Schema
Exercise: Translating the BDM into Logical Tables
Designing and Using Aggregates

Data Warehouse Architecture
1. The Data Warehouse Bus Architecture
Understanding the Back Room
1. Data Staging Process
2. Overview of Back Room Technologies
Understanding the Front Room
1. End User Applications
2. Overview of End User Data Access Tools
Deployment, Maintenance and Growth
Open Forum for Discussion


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