Managing the Business Dimensional Lifecycle

"Excellent - we paid a lot of money over the course of a year
to learn what this class covered in a day"
"Great perspectives for fitting all the pieces together!"
"Excellent! Your honesty is very refreshing. Exceeded expectations"
-Student Comments

Course Description:

StarSoft Solutions offers a one day workshop as an introduction to understanding and managing the Business Dimensional Lifecycle™. The key to effectively managing a data warehouse project is to understand all of the aspects and components that are involved in a successful data warehouse implementation. The goal of the workshop is to arm the attendees with the tools necessary to manage the entire lifecycle and ensure a successful data warehouse solution.

Who Should Attend:
This course is primarily intended for the data warehouse project team including end users who are active participants on the project. All team members can benefit from the class including business project leads, IS project managers, application developers, database administrators and data modelers. This course is invaluable for those responsible for the planning and managing a data warehouse project.

Topics Covered:
Introduction to the Business Dimensional Lifecycle™
Selecting the Project Team and Scope
Development of Realistic Timelines
Gathering Business Requirements
The Business Dimensional Model™
Pilots and Prototypes
Database Design Variations
Data Access Tool Architectures
End User Application Development
Deployment Planning
Release Management and End User Education
Rollout and Support
Tracking Success

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