StarSoft Solutions is dedicated to the transfer of knowledge to our customers. Throughout our data warehouse projects we educate our customers on how to design and implement data warehouses and decision support systems that will achieve a balance among end user requirements and system capabilities. In addition, StarSoft Solutions offers both public and on-site courses specifically designed to help you successfully implement your data warehouse project.

Private Course Offerings:
NEW COURSE - Developing the Business Dimensional Model™ is a three-day course that covers the basics of dimensional modeling and introduces the technique developed by StarSoft Solutions for keeping end users involved throughout the process.

The Data Warehouse Workshop is a 3 day course that introduces the basic principles of dimensional modeling. This course follows the fundamental principles presented in the best selling book 'The Data Warehouse Toolkit' by Ralph Kimball (John Wiley & Sons, 1996)

Managing the Business Dimensional Lifecycle™ is a one-day course that provides a complete overview of the key components necessary to successfully implement a data warehouse solution.

Clients can select a combination of the courses.

Custom Course Offerings:
StarSoft Solutions can quickly tailor the core data warehouse material to create a course that specifically meets the unique needs of a single client. Customer specific courses can be put together to cover any of the components of the Business Dimensional Lifecycle™.