Laura L. Reeves

Highlights of Professional Experience
Laura has extensive expertise in end to end data warehouse development. Her experience spans the entire Business Dimensional Lifecycle™, beginning with project planning, defining business requirements, building dimensional business models, developing logical data models, designing physical databases (both star and snowflake designs), through implementation and tuning of the database. Her experience continues beyond database development into full design and development of end user applications. Laura has also been involved in full deployment, maintenance and growth of the data warehouse.

Laura also teaches courses on dimensional modeling and managing the Business Dimensional Lifecycle™.

Over the past 13 years, she has architected and developed over 250 data warehouses and decision support systems for over 75 clients in a variety of industries including retail, insurance, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, direct marketing, pharmaceuticals, financial services, tele-services and transportation. Many of these warehouses have been in production for over 10 years.

These data warehouses have been implemented across a variety of relational database platforms including DB2, OS/400, Teradata, Sybase, Oracle, Informix, Red Brick and Tandem NonStop SQL.

Employment History
StarSoft Solutions Co-Founder and Principal
MicroStrategy, Inc.
Held position of Central Region Consulting Manager.
Metaphor, Inc. Held positions of Systems Engineer,
Staff Consultant and Regional Consulting Manager.
EDS/GM Held positions of Programmer/Analyst and
Data Modeler for Chevrolet.

Professional Speaking Engagements
Instructor for The Data Warehouse Institute.
Course: ‘Architecture, Design & Implementation:
The Perspective from the Front Room’ and ‘Overview, Planning, Requirements and Architecture’
Other Presentation Topics Include:
‘Teleservices Industry: Business Dimensional Modeling
For A Data Warehouse - A Case Study’,
‘From Deployment To Adoption: Lessons From Data
Warehouse Implementations’ and
‘The Data Warehouse Lifecycle - Principles and Techniques’.
Presenter at DB Summit, September 1997, Topic: ‘Everything
You Wanted To Know About Star Schemas But Were Afraid To Ask’.
Presenter at DCI Data Warehouse World, September 1996,
Topic: ‘Data Warehouse Implementation Survival Guide:
Tips from the Trenches’.
Panelist at 22nd Annual VLDB Conference, Bombay, India,
September, 1996. Topic: ‘Use of Materialized
Views for Data Warehousing’.

Professional Publications
The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit, by Ralph Kimball,
Laura Reeves, Margy Ross and Warren Thornthwaite,
John Wiley and Sons, Inc., August, 1998, ISBN: 0471-255475
Building A Data Warehouse for Decision Support, by Vidette Poe,
with contributions by Laura L. Reeves,
Prentice Hall, October 1995. ISBN: 0-13-371121-8.
“Mining Data from Your Warehouse” by Laura L. Reeves,
Data Management Review, July/Aug. 1995.

Formal Education
Ms. Reeves graduated Magna Cum Laude from Alma College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics & Computer Science with Departmental Honors.

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