Business Dimensional Model

The Business Dimensional Model™ is a vehicle to document conformed dimensions with business attributes and their relationships in end user terms. This conceptual multi-dimensional model easily translates into both logical and physical database designs. The Business Dimensional Model™ identifies:

Dimensionality of the business
Business attributes within each dimension
Attribute relationships within each dimension
Hierarchical structures (drill paths)
Required business measures or facts
OLAP requirements
Potential pre-stored aggregates

Data Warehouse Database Design

StarSoft Solutions uses the principals of star schema design as the basis for all Data Warehouse Database Designs. Star Schemas, are now the defacto industry standard for data warehousing and are required by the high end OLAP DSS tools. Using a blend of consolidated star and full snowflake schemas allows StarSoft Solutions to develop the most appropriate structure to fit your business needs and data access tool requirements. Primary components of Data Warehouse Database Design both logical and physical include:

Star or snowflake schema designs
Tables & columns
Primary & foreign keys
Partitioning strategy
Indexing strategy
Data clustering / organization


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